How To Make Online Videos For Your Business

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How To Make Online Videos

Do you want to make online videos for your business, but have no idea how to begin?

If you’ve arrived here after downloading my free report “5 Ways To Captivate Your Perfect Clients With Video”,  many thanks and welcome!

There’s so much to learn – it can all seem overwhelming. Not to mention the valuable time it takes to trawl through all the video tips and advice online to find out what’s essential and what’s not.

What you need right now is just the basics. How to plan, shoot, edit and upload simple videos that will build your business. And you want to learn that at a time that works for you, from your desk or smartphone.

Well, I’ve got some great news for you. In this course you’ll discover the exact steps you need to get up and running with video marketing, so…

Let’s get started!

Any questions on video or online marketing in general?  Join my Facebook Group Online Marketing Support and don’t forget to post the videos you make there too.

Section 1Welcome
Lecture 1Welcome
Section 2Module 1
Lecture 2Introduction - Planning
Lecture 3Video Types
Lecture 4Your Video Goal
Lecture 5Audience
Lecture 6Stories
Lecture 7Plan Your Content
Lecture 8How Long Should My Video Be?
Lecture 9Script
Lecture 10Calls To Action
Section 3Module 2
Lecture 11Introduction - Making
Lecture 12Confidence
Lecture 13Lighting
Lecture 14Backdrop
Lecture 15Microphone
Lecture 16What Camera?
Lecture 17Keep Your Camera Steady
Lecture 18No Camera Required!
Section 4Module 3
Lecture 19Introduction - Editing
Lecture 20Why Edit?
Lecture 21Keep Track Of Your Files
Lecture 22Editing Software
Lecture 23Video Formats
Lecture 24Uploading Your Video
Section 5Course Completion
Lecture 25Congratulations!
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