Let’s Get Visual!

InstructorNaomi J Johnson
TypeOnline Course
DateApr 22, 2017
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We live in a visual world.

There’s no getting away from the fact that today, you need eye-catching content to stand any chance of being noticed online.  It’s hardly worth sharing anything on social media unless it’s accompanied by an image or video.  Just check your Facebook page insights to see how plain text updates perform in comparison to images or videos. But who can afford to pay a graphic designer or video production company every time you need visual content?  Certainly not the majority of small business owners.

You need content immediately, not in 10 days’ time.
That’s why it’s essential to acquire a few basic skills in order to create your own graphics and videos.  We’re not talking high-end stuff:  all you  need is simple, eye-catching visuals that convey your marketing message in a way that mere words can’t.
And that’s exactly what this course is all about, so…



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Section 1Welcome
Lecture 1Let's Get Visual!
Section 2Module 2
Lecture 2Introduction and Orientation
Section 3Module 3
Lecture 3Creating A Meme Graphic
Section 4Module 4
Lecture 4Creating A Composite Image
Section 5Module 5
Lecture 5Backgrounds, Filters and Colour Palettes
Section 6Module 6
Lecture 6Creating A Video With Adobe Spark
Section 7Module 7
Lecture 7Creating An Animated Video With Biteable
Section 8Module 8
Lecture 8Creating GIFs
Section 9Module 9
Lecture 9Whiteboard Animation
Section 10Module 10
Lecture 10
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